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Keyboards would be a mix of software logic sounds and dedicated. Consequently i should sample this patches almost pads or synths in order to create a. In the mainstage user manual, in the section titled sharing patches and sets between concerts, it says that the patch will reside in the following folder. Hi, very new to the world of mac, but have converted to the new faith. The quickest way to copy these patches and add them to another mainstage or logic x template is to click on the cog like symbol in the top left corner of mainstage and save each patch or set as seen in the screenshot below.

I recently received an email about setting up a mainstage rig for use in worship music since many of you are usingplanning on using mainstage 3 live at your church, i decided you all might benefit from hearing my response. If youre using mainstage and want to learn more about optimizing your live rig, sign up to become a sunday sounds insider today. Each patch might have a different instrument or effect assigned to it and various parameters can be changed during a performance by cycling through. Mainstage then changes to the selected patch and routes my midi, vis and audio sounds when required. Simply open the mainstage concert and youre ready to go. Use these files to create your custom layered patches in we. Apr 09, 2014 heres some mainstage 3 tips for you guys, also answering some of the questions ive been getting about my patches synthsation for mainstage 3 1 how to use mainstage patches in logic pro x 2. That would have translated to multiple channel strips per mainstage patch, and afaik no way to carry the split information into logic strips keyboard range on a perchannelstrip basis. Mainstage 3, you should save a copy of the currently installed version as a backup by following. Jun 20, 2014 i have a lot of material archived at and you can find even more material there by other members of our community. Make sure theyre all roughly the same loudness level. Where can i find download guitar patches to use on mainstage.

Libraryapplication supportlogicmainstage patches folder. They work together, share the same content and deliver a powerful solution for performers of all kinds of music. If you want to use all features of mainstage 3 app, then you can pay for that a feature like logic pro x plugins, smart controls and patches. Be sure to delete all aliases and save your concert after each patch importation because in my cause, 2 patches were corrupted, out of a dozen and caused mainstage to crash while importing. Apple mainstage 3 for mac, which is a musicoriented companion app to logic pro. Or look to the allnew patch library to find a patch or sound ready to be tweaked to perfection.

Ive checked all of my patches to be sure the individual patches are set to not turn off previous patch. Camel audio alchemy lives on in free updates to logic pro. Setting up a mainstage rig for your worship band eric barfield. If you know logic pro x then you understand the power of mainstage 3s smart controls. Cinematic textures for mainstage that worship sound. Mainstage3 is a music application developed by apple inc. Sample mainstage patches for nord keys apple community. Mar 09, 2016 consequently i should sample this patches almost pads or synths in order to create a.

Just save your live set as a project and mainstage puts all the necessary files into a single folder you can take with you anywhere. Worship pianos keyscape is a collection of piano patches meticulously designed to give you that modern piano sound from dark with lush modulated reverb to bright and aggressive. Mainstage is made by apple, the same folks that make logic and garageband. Mainstage and logic now work as one integrated production and live performance duo. How can i keep my sounds consistent or why do my patches sound great at home and like garbage in the venue. This concert is fully compatible with mainstage 2 and 3, and you will receive the concert via email following payment over paypal so yes, i do ship worldwide. Now you can move the folder containing the zip file to your preferred location for storing your backup. It is inserted into the normal program code and gets ready to explode under specific circumstances. How to use mainstage patches in logic pro x youtube.

With apples mainstage and logic pro, these scenarios are made simple because any sound created in either can be set up for use in the other. You can think of ableton as logic pro, but with integrated features that allow for playing and switching patches in realtime. Suddenly and randomly patches are cutting out on patch changes. It allows you to perform with a laptop, play backing tracks, process vocals, and loop tracks live while accessing the same. Mainstage 3 tips record mainstage patches in logic. A further option is to use channel strip aliases for the sounds you use repeatedly see the mainstage help if youre not familiar with aliases. These options function like the flip flop property, but also produce a modulation signal. Learn about current and previous mainstage 3 updates. Some logic bombs are used by legitimate software vendors as a timer to prevent usage after the trial period. A exported multilayer patch from mainstage imported into logic seems to lose the first channel strip. Intro to mainstage 3 part 1 beginners guide youtube.

Libraryapplication support logic mainstage patches folder. So you just downloaded mainstage 3 and all of the additional sounds, hooked up your audio interface, and got your midi controller working with mainstage. The sounds are also fully compatible with logic pro x, and you will also receive the logic patches as well when purchasing this concert. For more info and to check out the patches mentioned in this video, go to. Mainstage pads player patches the best way to play. Virtual instruments that can be used with mainstage can also be used with logic pro. The concert will load up fully in mainstage 2 or 3, and with your purchase you will also receive the patches that can be loaded and used seamlessly in logic pro x. Nov 15, 2016 this week i show you how to use mainstage patches in logic pro.

Nov 11, 2019 the mainstage main homepage and interface are very intuitive. How to install patches in logic pro x or mainstage 3 that worship. Logic pro x mainstage 3 turn your mac into a live rig. How to balance your volume levels across mainstage patches. You access and modify the instruments and effects in mainstage using the familiar logic channel strip interface. Mainstage is the only host that comes with its own aus making it possible to buy or share patchs for sounds and be guaranteed they will work. Im restricted to selecting patches via the track pad or the arrow keys, unable to select patches by typing their number or their name it also happens when using an external keyboard. Conserve memory when using the same sound in multiple patches in mainstage use round robin and the velocity editor in the mainstage auto sampler bypass, remove, or rescan thirdparty audio units plugins in logic pro x. The sounds in garageband just give you less control over them.

Mainstage 3 for pc download free windows 7810 and mac. Reader wheat williams sent us the release notes, which may actually make this the longest post ever lost in all of the other updates today was probably one of the biggest updates weve seen in a long time. Whats weird is that it happens randomly with different patches all being involved. You could then use pcs to switch between your patches for verse, chorus etc. The sound library, augmented by alchemy, is also a powerful source of inspiration thanks to patches that allow for rich layers of instruments and effects and smart controls that let you easily shape any sound. How to factory reset a korg nanokontrol 2 tutorial. However, i cant find the physical patch file anywhere on my imac. Dec 06, 2011 the functionality in mainstage works great. I am sure they can be got from the logic synths like es2 but i had a lot of patches to build and limited time. A logic pro x session file with all worship essentials plus 2. The only way i was able to make it work was to insert a blank channel strip into the mainstage patch and move other channels around until the blank was in the leftmost slot. The workplace allows users to customize sounds effects in whichever pathway they desire.

Choosing logic x for live performance over mainstage. Mar 27, 2014 join julian velard for an indepth discussion in this video, what is mainstage, and who is it for. Here is a picture of my mainstage concert in edit mode so you can see the channel strip. Add the exs24 instrument plugin at the input spot on an instrument channel strip. Mainstage 3 features an incredibly deep sound library, virtual instruments, amazing effects, and a massive collection of plugins and sounds. However, the ability to create a fully customized interface of any musical instruments is what makes mainstage truly shines. Mainstage 3 lets you take your mac to the stage with a fullscreen interface optimized for live performance, flexible hardware control, and a massive collection of plugins and sounds that are fully compatible with logic pro x. I then tried to import the patches into mainstage 3 and these instruments and plugins are not available. Mainstage gives you a massive collection of plugins and sounds to fuel your creativity. Create smooth patch changes in ableton just like in mainstage. Click an instrument category on the left, then select the. The giant worship piano patches for mainstage 3 25.

Ambient roads is a free electric piano patch for logic pro x mainstage 3. In the presets dropdown box area, choose your instrument. Transferring sounds between mainstage and logic pro. Each patch has been carefully processed to cut through the mix, whether youre in the studio recording your next album, or in the church performing the latest. Heres some mainstage 3 tips for you guys, also answering some of the questions ive been getting about my patches synthsation for mainstage 3 1 how to use mainstage patches in logic pro x 2. A good place to start is with my starter concert for mainstage.

Mainstage 3 tips record mainstage patches in logic youtube. Patches with multiple channel strips created in mainstage now open with the correct aux set as the main track when opened in logic pro x. Feb 25, 2020 patches with multiple channel strips created in mainstage now open with the correct aux set as the main track when opened in logic pro x. Ableton is created partially to play patches, and partially as a program for music production. Sometimes when performing undo after creating a patch from logic remote. A customize your sounds and effects setups a organize the patches in your concert a customize your layout a make connections between mainstage and your music hardware to make setup easier, mainstage divides these tasks into two groups, with separate modes for each. Mainstage is perfect for that and logicpro is not, then you have to jump. Cinematic textures for mainstage is a brand new mainstagelogic patch bundle from producer andy walker. This site contains user submitted content, comments and opinions and is for informational purposes only. Another option is to set up patches for parts of a song and then use a set for each song. How to balance your volume levels across mainstage patches this is a question i get all the time. I have my patches set up for the k2500s to send a patch change to mainstage. The ultimate live rig perform live with more than 80 instrument, effe. If any of the folders or installation paths are missing, then.

There are no custom samples or unique plugins used, these are all originally programmed sounds using the stock plugins from mainstage and logic es2, es1, esp, etc. If the draganddrop method is not working or shows errors, follow the steps below. Is it possible to sample in logic what i play in mainstage on the same mac and if yes how. These sounds were created with modern worship music in mind by dav. How to import patches in logic pro x or mainstage 3 that. A exported multilayer patch from mainstage imported into.

Heres 10 tricks ive learned to use mainstage 3 live. They will then show up in the patch library tab at the bottom of mainstage in user patches. That is a bit outside my budget and even if it was within the budget i have no mac. It has a number of editedoptimized patches for mainstage that require nothing beyond the default instruments and effects of mainstage 3. Mar 27, 2014 mainstage 3 turns your computer into an instrument for live performance. Free mainstage patches worship patches and templates. Retro synths contains a total of 50 new patches and was inspired by 80s synths sounds, featuring basses, arps, leads and pads. I could sample in logic pro, but how can i sample sounds that are playing in mainstage. This patches have been redesigned and eq to cut through the mix for better performance and worship sound this patches are compatible with mainstage 3, sound can be imported in to logic pro x. When updating to mainstage 3 via the mac app store, the latest version will replace the current version you have installed. The purpose for doing is logic pro mainstage and obviously seeing the light. So, in this download for mainstage 3 youll find over 140 free worship patches, all dialed in and ready to play. Hi eric, i am a church musician in the bahamas and ca. Mainstage 3 and logic pro x functionality logic pro help.

Ableton is more akin to logic pro then it is to mainstage in that it is a fully functioning daw, so it needs to make space for other situations where you may not want a smooth patch change. Download the updated version of these patches at is a library of 20 free sound patches for apples mainstage logic software. The mute channels option in the feedback warning dialog when creating channel strips now mutes all channels when creating multiple channel strips at the same time. It can be hard to find mainstage patches for worship music in the factory sound library but at sunday sounds our goal is to make mainstage fun and easy to use for musicians looking for worship sounds. This collection was designed from scratch using only logic mainstage stock instruments by abel mendoza. And mainstage supports the apogee gio usb audio interface and foot. Mainstage users moving their patches to logic will want to keep these things in mind. If you play a usb or midi keyboard controller, you can play and control a wide variety of software instruments, including pianos and. Our mainstage pads player patches are the ideal way to play pads if you use mainstage. Installing mainstage patches from nick stailey all articles support. Granted, these are for performance patches in ms, but i do like to layer sounds in logic and record them at once some times.

A mainstage concert can display a patch list which displays all the patches created by a user for that concert. So is there a windows alternative for around the same price. Mainstage tutorials worship patches and templates from. Mainstage lets you use professionalquality logic pro instruments and effects in your live performances. And one other feature i really like is that for a song you can store midi presets and send midi program changes to your gear to change patches etc this is working great with my real synths but i cant get it to work with mainstage 3. So if you have ableton as your main recording program, you can record sounds from main stage into it as long as you find a way to route audio from one program to another. I checked the site before posting and noted that the vendor claims they are ms3 compatible. Jan 19, 2017 select the mainstage 3 application in the applications folder. You will get our newsletter, free patches, and more exclusive content. The mute channels option in the feedback warning dialog when creating channel strips now mutes all channels when creating multiple channel strips at. Seamless patch switching lets notes and chords trail off naturally when you switch patches.

Mainstage is apples live performance software solution for musicians based on logic pros. Apple updates mainstage with 29 fixes the mac observer. Mainstage tutorial david pfaltzgraff may 10, 2018 hidden plugins, mainstage plugin, mainstage synth, logic plugins, worship patches, mainstage secret plugin, garage band synth, learning mainstage, mainstage tutorial, garageband patch, garageband worship, mainstage sound library, mainstage additional content, mainstage factory preset, free. These patches allow you to integrate our awardwinning pads sounds into your existing workflow, and they solve the three most common obstacles churches face when playing back pads. Start by choosing from a complete range of performance templates, many of them preloaded with greatsounding patches. Mainstage logic pro x arpeggiator tutorial how to use the mainstage arpeggiator. Hey logic users, i am wanting to use logic x for a live set. Volume settings in mainstage patches logic pro help.

I have created a simple concert and added to instruments, and displayed the patch information. I offer over 200 free mainstage related resources on the new website, including free patches, templates, ebooks and more. The developer frequently diss out patches for upgrades and debugging too. This week i show you how to use mainstage patches in logic pro. My primary reason over mainstage, is that i want to have automation controls going on and off during the set so i dont have to mess with any foot pedals. Mar 09, 2017 check out the video to see how i approach finding a good balance for my mainstage patches, acknowledging both the actual and perceived volume.

Logic and mainstage share the same plugins, but theyre also all semicompatible with garageband. The patch library also gives you access to all your patches from logic pro x. And if you ever need to perform with a different mac, you dont have to rebuild everything. Show package content of the concert show package content of concert. When a patch is selected in the left pane, the bottom patch settings section is visible, go to user patchesinstrument. Installing mainstage patches from david andrew all articles. Apple may provide or recommend responses as a possible solution based on the information provided. In my case the problem was that i had both layers and splits in many of my mainstage patches. It features similar functions as many daws recording programs however its strength is to be able to apply effects and layer sounds to give palettes of fresh and expressive sounds to draw from while on stage. If you have logic pro x and want to record your music using the worship essentials plus patches, use this session. If you create mainstage patches then you get the deep new features introduced in logic pro x. But fans thought alchemy was worth it, and were disappointed when camel audio closed shop earlier this year. Installing and using mainstage template from peter james. Main stage is all of logics instruments and plugins without any sequencing or recording capability.

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