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Wireo encased with hardcover spiral book binding, book binding design, wire. We serve major corporations, small to midsized businesses, printers, facility management organizations, as well as the u. Watch and learn how the basics of how to spiral bin d a book and see an e. These are used by printing and book binding industry for binding books, leaflets, catalogs, cheque books etc. This type of binding allow for the book to turn 360 degree all of the bound pages. To bind with spiral binding, you will need a coil binding machine, the coils themselves, and a pair of cutter crimper pliers. Book binding spiral wire, book binding spiral wire suppliers. Though you can use a comb binding punch, you will still need a crimping machine to close and finish your book.

Using simple materials you can find at your stationers, you can customize and put together your own notebook. Use spiral binding or a 3ring binder to deliver your custom manual and use either black and white or color manual printing. Spiral binding although the two styles are highly similar, spiral binding works differently than wire binding. Spiralo wire binding spiralo 19 loop wire binds online. Documents bound with spiral coils lay flat and the pages can turn 360 degrees around the flexible pvc coil spine. Wire o bound books are used for more formal, organized, and professional presentations of information. Fellowes 52326 plastic comb bindings, 12 diameter, 90 sheet capacity, black pack of 100 combs 4. Wire spiral bound books damage very easily, not as much as a book bound on a double loop wire binding machine, but bad enough. Book binding stitching wireask price we are involved in offering a wide range of book binding stitching wire to our most valued clients.

A coil binding is a type of spiral binding, but instead of a wire like you would see on a school paper notebook. Just punch your pages, roll the coil through the holes, and then crimp in the ends. If you want the best pricing and the highest quality document binding supplies, there is no better place than binding101. The edges of the papers waiting to be bound have holes punched in them, into which the spiral is inserted. Plus, metal coil binding is easier to insert into thick book blocks. Book binding wire spiral book binding wire latest price. Combination binding machines if your binding requirements fluctuate, a combination binding machine might be the best choice for you. Book binding spiral wire, book binding spiral wire. When you select wire o binding, you can also be sure that the book will lay flat. If you have a comb binding machine or prepunched materials, these spiral o wires give you a classy alternative to comb binding. There are also a variety of colors available for spiral binding when requested.

It can also be a lowercost alternative to wireo when page registration is not an issue because it lies flat and opens backtoback for handsfree use. Amazons choice for spiral wire binding gbc binding spines spiralscoils, 14mm, 110 sheet capacity, 4. Spiral binding is the process of binding pages together with a plastic coil that is inserted into holes along the edge of paper pages. Documents bound with double wire open completely flat.

Spiral delivers superior products, service and price performance that ensure a zerorisk buying experience with every order. We specialize in providing professional book binding machines, coil binding machines, lamination, and much more. Here is a look at the 2 main types of pitch for twin loop wire and a look at the 19 loop spiralo wire. Notebooks and sketchbooks are great ways to put you thoughts to paper, but what if you cant find the perfect one. Spiral s customers experience a rich selection of quality binding, laminating and finishing equipment and supplies. Mybinding stocks twin loop wire in several colors and diameters accommodating books up to 300 pages.

Our metal binding coils are famed for their durability, functionality and style. The books you bind in this style can wrap around completely, which is great. Plastic coil bind size chart gbc binding onlineskyline. Spiral coil, plastic comb, wire binds wire o, velobind strips, gbc proclick, screw posts, ring binders, gbc zipbind, thermal binds, index tabs, pocket folders, and much, much more. Wire binding products jbi products are perfect for use in book and calendar binding by ondemand and inplant print shops, commercial binderies, schools and small offices. Similar to spiral binding, but uses a closed loop metal wire instead of a plastic coil. Wire binding is the method of choice for presentations and reading materials that require a slightly more professional finish than spiral binding can provide. At first, metal spiral binding was the standard for spiral or coil binding, but as time went on plastic became a safer and less expensive option for creating a print spiral bound book. We recommend spiral binding for school books and training manuals that will have long term wear and tear. A good spiral wire must have a consistent tensile strength and have a high quality coating in order to form a continuous wire spiral pitch.

Spiral book binding spiral book binding is one of the most popular finishing options. We are a major distributor of highquality document finishing equipment and supplies. Wire binding, book binding, booklet design, brochure design, portfolio book. Offices should have the equipment they need to present themselves as the professionals they are. Plastic coil binding equipment plastic comb binding equipment wire binding equipment punching equipment thermal perfect binding equipment laminating equipment shrink wrap equipment document finishing equipment. Finish the manual professionally with a custom cover in frost, clear or vinyl, and divide sections of the manual with optional tabs. With spiralo you can use your plastic comb punch and still have the option to bind with wire or plastic comb. Spiralo 19ring wire our 19 ring spiralo is the only wire binding that conforms to the standard hole punching pattern of plastic comb binding. There are lots of options with a wide range of applications from annual reports to swatch books to photo albums. Eventually, machinery was developed that allowed for up to approximately 300 books to be bound per hour, with an average thickness of 25 millimeters. Double wire book binding, twin loop, wireo services. Wire binding products jbi products are perfect for use in book and calendar binding by ondemand and inplant print. Spiral binding book printing and coil binding service printivity.

Apr 10, 2018 spiral binding, wire binding, comb binding, and coil binding. How i spiral bind my books trubind coil binding machinesmall officehomeschoolkneady. To complete you presentation we offer crystal clear front covers and presentation poly covers. To pick the correct size coil binds aka plastic spiral coil, follow this plastic coil binding size chart or call us at 18664559900. A wide variety of plastic book binding spiral options are available to you, such as usage, inner pages, and power. Wire binding is a popular commercial book binding method, and is known by a number of. Wire o binding offers many of the same benefits as spiral coil binding, but is more sophisticated in appearance. Comb binding uses a plastic spine with a series of ringshaped tines or teeth to secure a books cover and pages. Spiral binding also known as wire binding, coil binding, wiro binding and wire o binding is a very popular and costeffective binding method. Create a professional, polished report with the right binding equipment, including binding machines, binding combs, spines and covers. Custom covers are the perfect accessory to any presentation to enhance your corporate image. Our wire o bound books use a twin loop wire and a stylish metal finish for a sleek professional look. Spiral binding lays completely flat and is often used for cookbooks and manuals.

Spiral wire binding is a form of binding in which all pages are punched and bound using wire coils. Luckily, it is easy to make one at home, and you dont need a lot of special tools or s. Simple steps to get the proper fit for any type of binding coil, comb, or wire. Learn more about your options by visiting our binding styles pages below. However, wire o is less durable than spiral binding. You can find the machines and supplies you need for any style here at mybinding. Wire o binding, also known as twin loop, doubleloop, doubleo, duo wire, or simply wire binding, is an attractive method for joining the pages and cover of a bound document. James burn international and spiral binding james burn usa are the creators and only manufacturers of genuine original wireo binding wire. This type of binding is also very suitable for calenders.

Spiral binding is ideal for use with cookbooks, notebooks, presentations, or any book that requires complete rotation. How do i bind a document using spiral coil binding. Metal spiral binding coils look better and last longer than plastic binding coils. Similar to spiral binding, comb binding allows your presentations pages to open 360 degrees and lay flat. Spiral is the largest manufacturer in north america for wireo binding supplies and wireo binding spools also known as twin loop wire, doubleo wire and wirebind. Amazons choice for spiral wire binding gbc binding spinesspiralscoils, 14mm, 110 sheet capacity, 4. Color coil or spiral binding is commonly used to make marketing materials, reports, and other documents that need to leave a lasting impression. Wireo binding is a smart option if page alignment is crucial to your project like if you have images running across the spine of your book and want them to line up precisely. Binders can define the style and color of their combs by choosing one of four coated binding wires. Shop spiralo wires with spiralo wire binding spines, you can make premium document bindings with. Great for calendars, manuals, and books that will be hung. Coil binding, also known as spiral binding, is a commonly used book binding style for.

Wireo bound book printing durable metal coil bound books. Oct 02, 2014 the difference between wire and spiral binding then, is the type of binding used to put the documents together. We prefer wireo book binding, as semiconcealed and concealed wireo allow for a title on the spine. Wire binding is a great bind style to use if you require a professional and presentable style. Whats the difference between wire and spiral binding. Spiral binding, wire binding, comb binding, coil binding. It is effective for documents from 1 up to 300 pages. Theres no need to take your projects to a copy center to have them bound when you can save time and money by doing it all yourself right in the comfort of your own office.

Spiral binding wire has many advantages with a substantial amount of sizes, colors, and finishes. Aug 03, 2017 if you are looking to save money, wire binding, particularly wire o binding, can be an excellent way to achieve great results. Finitura gives you professional office equipment so you can succeed. Read more below or call one of our friendly and knowledge binding specialists at 18664559900. Spiral book binding uses a plastic coil that is more durable and allows for frequent use while wireo binding is for more formal use and is more professionallooking. Spiral binding coils offer a more modern and durable way to bind books over the traditional comb spines, while still being affordable and simple to use. A spiral bound book uses a durable plastic coil which makes it an ideal option for spiral book binding that needs to lie flat and can fold or wrap back around themselves 360 degree and are continually being referred to. Wireo generally has a lower page count than plastic spiral binding. This binding style is known by a number of names including spiral coil, color coil, colorcoil, ezcoil, plastic coil, spiral binding, plastikoil and coilbind. Book binding online book binder services steuben press. Spiral coil binding also known as color coil or plastic coil binding is one of the most popular and fastest growing of all coil binding styles. Here are a few tips on how to make a spiral bound book without a machine.

At cmyk colour online we offer an extensive range of spiral bound books printed in full colour and black and white. You can choose multiple special paper types for the front and back of your spiral binded book. Spiral o 19 loop wire binds spiral o 19 loop wire binds are made out of wire, and designed to work with the 19 hole pattern typically used with comb binds. Metal spiral binding coils from finitura are a popular choice for universities, realtors, marketers and more. But, the average person needs more information about each style. A wide variety of book binding spiral wire options are available to you, such as free samples, paid samples. These durable bindings will hold their original shape, which is great news for schools and other organizations that design books that will be regularly handled. Choose this option if youre someone who likes to make last minute tweaks. At we have spiral o binding wire spines, prepunched paper, prepunched binding covers, plastic gbc combs, wire closing machines, and more. We offer a wide variety of coil sizes and colors to suit any application. The increased thickness of the coil binding and the weight of the book cause the pages not turn as freely. Wire and spiral binding both lay very flat and are often used for cookbooks and manuals. Amazons choice for spiral book binding fellowes 52326 plastic comb bindings, 12 diameter, 90 sheet capacity, black pack of 100 combs 4.

How can i make a spiral notebook without a machine. Double wire binding is a very popular commercial binding method. Spiral binding is a modern method in which continuous coils are spun through closely spaced holes. Finitura binding supplies, binding machines, service and repair. Today, 19loop wire is commonly called spiralo wire. Spiral binding is more durable than wire o binding but does not have the professional look of a wire o bound book.

Become attached to receiving perfectly produced workbooks, presentations and more with spiral book binding. We offer all the wire binding supplies you need to create professionally bound documents and give your presentations a traditional and classic look. High quality spiral binding wire must follow a strict set of quality standards. It created the original metal spiralcoil binding and later the spiralastic, a popular plastic coil to replace wire during world war ii.

Presentation binding supplies gbc binding onlineskyline. Hypercompetitive pricing on binding machines and supplies paper cutting, trimming, scoring, and folding equipment shredding machines laminating equipment. Our electric spiral coilbinding machine is the perfect addition to your office equipment and allows you to create customized bound books our innovative design includes a foot pedal for controlling the coiler inserter on your electric binding machine. The spiral binding coil offers a variety of colors whereas wireos standard wire is black. Buy metal spiral binding coil including 18mm metallic forest 4. The most economical type of mechanical binding, singlewire spiral is ideal for products with short shelf lives like blank notebooks. Wireo bound books are used for more formal, organized, and professional presentations of information. Here is a look at the 2 main types of pitch for twin loop wire and a look at the 19 loop spiral o wire. These machines are capable of producing both comb binding and wire binding. Our range is the result of more than 50 years of experience as a. Now, the spiral binding company, based in totowa nj, is a print finishing and presentation products company.

However, wireo is less durable than spiral binding. Using an akiles wiremac 421, watch stepbystep how to bind a book using a wire binding system. Bekaert coated bookbinding wire for the printing and binding industry is versatile, high quality and available on demand. Binding machines for document and book binding of all kinds. Plastic spiral coil binds these 12 coil binds are sized to fit up to lettersize documents 8 12 x 11. You can also use an electric coil inserter for higher volumes to drastically increase the inserting speed. Wire binding comes across as much more professional than spiral binding does, so if you need your project for an important meeting or presentation of some sort, you should choose wire binding. Holes are then drilled into the binding edge of the document. Binding combs also allow you to insert or remove pages as needed. Spiral bound documents are bound like a notepad with a wire insert threaded through small holes punched in the margin of the document. Many people that look for printing services arent sure of the difference between wire and spiral binding, but the difference comes down to. Book binding services indiana perfect binding country pines. Wire binding, comb binding, coil binding, and spiral binding are all ways to bind papers, booklets, and books. For spiral binding, pages are trimmed and assembled, holes are punched along one side of the pages, and a plastic spiral is threaded through those holes.

To create a wire or spiral bound book, parent sheets are first printed, cut and assembled but not folded, unlike other binding methods. Similarly, to spiral binding, the pages can be turned 360 degrees around on themselves without damaging the spine. Spiral binding book printing and coil binding service. Coil binding, also known as spiral binding, is a commonly used book binding style for documents. Machine with electric coil inserter tbs12 professionally bind books and. Spiralo wire binding comb overview binding101 youtube. As with spiral and wireo binding, comb binding is a perfect choice if your publication needs to stay completely flat when open, such as a reference manual, study guide, directory, or recipe book. It allows you to lay documents flat when open or turn pages notebookstyle. We stock a huge variety of spiral coils, plastic comb, wire twin loop, velo, loose book rings, and much more. Fellowes quasar 5217401 wire binding machine, sheet capacity.

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