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Product information for motec manufactured products can be found in the brochures while the complete product range including all accessories is listed in the catalogue. This user guide explains how to connect motec m1 series ecus to aim devices. In some cases they include detailed specifications. M1 ecus have versatile programme options, extensive data acquisition options, good configuration options, extensive total control and sensoring possibilities. Best of all, everything sold on is used in house at motec usa, so you can get your questions answered when other suppliers either cant or wont. Zac doing m1 series motec integration in a porsche 911 project. It is userfriendly with an intuitive menu structure and extensive help screens. This software is freely available to evaluate this new environment, and develop an understanding of this amazing new technology.

It is very different to motec s previous ecu manager software so we recommend customers watch our training webinars to help familiarise themselves, and use the comprehensive inbuilt help. If you are trying to help people to understand how it works, you should actually first know what you are. Will that course for m1 help me understand functions and parameters of m800 as well february 20, 2015 at 10. The m1 series features configurable password based security to determine which parts of the calibration or logged data are viewable and editable builder, tuner, customer. M1 tune is the tuning software for motecs m1 ecu s. M1 tune provides access to the tuning features of the m1 ecu. Motec m1 build software to develop their own control strategies. Discussion and support for the operating software of a range of motec. There is however, a sample version of the software included with the kit, which the user can try out before downloading the full version. Flex fueltraction control uses factory abs sensors or trac speed signals. This free program was originally developed by motec. M1 packages can be downloaded from here but require a licence. M is the most affordable ecu for engines with 1 to 8 cylinders. M1 series automobile accessories pdf manual download.

Discussion and questions related to the course motec m1 software tutorial. Technical support and after sales service describe the various ways motec technical support team can help you with any specific questions on your applications. For those tuners transitioning to the m1 platform, this represents a significant learning curve to get familiar with the capabilities of the m1 ecu, as well as how to navigate and use m1 tune to speed up your tuning. With more than 400 combinations of milspec wire and all the parts needed to build an aerospace quality loom, we have you covered no matter how large or small your project is. M1 tune is the tuning software for motec s m1 ecus. This m1 software tutorial will get you up to speed with the m1 ecu quickly, saving you time and ensuring you have a solid, step by step process to deal with any. Motec electronics setup tuning and support brewed motorsports. Motec from tdp tdp have been using m1 build for over 1. The m1 tune software can be downloaded separately, free of charge, from the motec website. If the m1 ecu is connected, it is now possible to communicate with it. To access the newest features you can download the latest version at. With that being said, i am simply blown away with the motec m1 system. I wish i knew more about the capabilities and what we can use it for in our industry. The help file covers all hardware installation, hardware operation and software operational issues, there are no additional printed manuals or materials available.

In some cases this includes integration with vehicle control systems beyond the engine, for example, stability control, cruise control. Motec m1 software tutorial this m1 software tutorial will get you up to speed with the m1 ecu quickly, saving you time and ensuring you have a solid, step by step process to deal with any m1 tuning project. Finally, a true motorsport level engine management solution for the corvette platform. View and download lenze 8400 motec hardware manual online. Injector dynamics plug and play data note there are. The m1 le license authorization window appears when you run the m1 le. When fitted with a fuel pressure sensor, fuel pressure is part of the model and will be compensated for. The m1 series was conceived by motec to overcome this onetoone, firmware to ecu limitation, by designing a system where operational efficiency, advanced features and. Software windowsbased software designed for setup and management of the display and data logging system the user can generate a configuration file offline and then send the completed configuration to the c187 calculations including lap times, lap gainloss, speed and distance, fuel prediction. Knowledge is power and whether you are tuning your car yourself, wanting to start a career as a professional tuner or even if you are just wanting to choose and communicate effectively with a professional tuner having a. After installing the m1 le, authorize it over the internet. There is a block receive function in m1 that allows for some custom can receive setup in tune.

Motec m motec m142 motec m150 motec m170 motec m181 motec m182 motec m190 2 software setup for motec m1 series ecu to correctly communicate with aim device it is necessary to set the ecu up using the dedicate motec. Motec m1 software tutorial high performance academy. This feature provides a streamlined pathway from matlab and simulink control system development to embedded software for an m1 controller by providing a dedicated motec target to the simulink code generation. Martins knowledge of the system and skidoo engine is second to none. Transient times have decreased faster spoolup, closed loop boost.

The various webinars provide an excellent start for new customers to get to know motec products and a useful refresher for more experienced customers that may uncover software features. To keep up to date with the latest software you can subscribe to our mailing list and we will send you a message when new software is released. The motec m1 tune installer is commonly called m1tune. After 18 months of development, gspeed is proud to announce the release of our c6 corvette plug and play kit with the help ncs design and m2k motorsports this custom firmware for the motec m150 ecu combines the powerful motec m1 gpr. Kaup australia pty ltd 511 helium street 4504 narangba qld australia. Once you understand the features and how to navigate, it is a fairly easy software to use. The pdm can is editable receive and transmit in the software. M1 tune software is free to download, and within it is a sample package for you to examine. It also has tach output functions for a hard wired signal. It suits both for hobbyists all the way to world series.

If you cant find what youre looking for maybe our datasheets section can help. These user manuals and guides provide information on how to use various products, software or particular features. M1 build allows us to implement any kind of functionality you can imagine into the motec software, and it gives you the end user tables and parameters you can adjust on the fly. With this innovative and powerful platform we can help you to complete the most complex of projects. And if you need can messaging for oe integration with vehicle systems e. Standardization, tamper resistance, and price are all important factors when looking for a potential spec ecu. Motecs fully updatable software is designed to quickly optimise the setup of your vehicle. First and foremost precision sports has set the bar yet again in development of the motec m1 skidoo package. Pc tuning software tune used to tune fuel and ignition, set up sensors. The latest versions of motec software, including software for archived products. M1 build is the motec m1 ecu integrated development environment. On returning to the desktop, launch the m1 tune software using the m1 tune icon. Computer controlled engine management is the most reliable and best way to get the most out of your engine. After downloading and mounting the m1 le installer on your desktop, doubleclick the installer, and follow the instructions to install the m1 le.

It is very different to motecs previous ecu manager software so we recommend customers watch our training webinars to help familiarise themselves, and use the comprehensive inbuilt help. While there are many companies that supply the hardware and software to tune an. If so, just change the file extension of the downloaded file to. Examples of custom firmware would be for active differential control, custom injection control, custom can communication and vehicle integration, or anything. Motec s new m1 series of ecus represents a significant departure from their previous range of ecus. Professional grade software provides us with the tools to tune the engine for smooth running and maximum power reliably. Motec m1 integration tool, for use with simulink enables the integration of a compiled simulink model into an m1 control unit. For those builds looking for even more the complete motec m gpr ecu.

In addition to providing the exceptional motec m1 with motec firmware packages such as gpa and gpr we are also able to develop and sell our own firmware packages and to offer custom development services to our customers. The software section contains both the latest and old releases of all software including software for archived products. Learn how to tune gain fundamental knowledge and then a practical step by step process for getting any tuning job done. Pc requirements following are the pc requirements for effective use of motec software. Motec discover our range of camera monitor systems. On returning to the desktop, launch the m1 tune software using the.

Motec s distinctive range of m1 ecu solutions targeted solutions weve done the configuration work for you, tailoring the ecu firmware to a specific vehicle or engine. This is explained in the pdm user manual that can be found in the help menu of the software. M1 build software, some sample projects and a great deal of documentation is available to be downloaded from the motec website. Motec here you can find quick help with any problem. The most popular version among the program users is 1. This file is a centralised source of all the documentation for all the products currently produced by race technology. View and download motec m1 series quick start manual online.

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