Initramfs boot options for macbook

They tell lilo where to find the root filesystem, what initrd if any to use, and to. Press d during startup apples hardware test utility is usually run by booting from a disc that came with your. However when i try on my macbook air early 2015, pressing option on boot doesnt show up the external usb ssd, only macos partition is shown. Boot drops to a initramfs promptsbusybox ask ubuntu. It is included with systemd, which is installed on an arch system by default. As much as i was impressed by apples hardware and the macbook air in particular, i was never taken by their software or the osx that comes with the macbook air when you buy it.

Feb 08, 20 initramfs is the solution introduced for the 2. Linuxonly installation on a 2006 macbook using refind. Installing linux mint on a macbook air in late 2011 i bought the apple macbook air model 4,2 with 128gb ssd to replace my aging roadwarrior dell 420. But loading initramfs is one of the first things that happens, and it only uses the cd and memory, so its more likely to be the cd disk itself. Update 3 if you are experiencing a black screen on boot issue with the linux kernels v4. For anyone interested in getting arch linux on their macbook pro. The idea is that theres a lot of initialisation magic done in the kernel that could be just as easily done in userspace. If you do see the grub boot menu, you can use the options in grub to help repair your system.

The initramfs will then mount the root filesystem and continue to boot as usual. As with initrd, you can eliminate all options by passing this keyword alone on a line. So, in short, loading iniramfs or rootfs isnt about creating any directory, its about loading existing filesystem images. Select the startup disk that has the default operating system you want to use. For linux operating systems like slackware, the image line specifies which kernel to boot. This includes the debian live isos, netboot tarballs, and usb stick images. This provides a degree of dualfactor security against e. On my macbook pro 15 mid 2014 i can press option on boot and it will show up and i can boot to windows. I am running an hp pavilion dv6000 dual boot win7 and ubuntu 12. For example the output of uname r for your currently running kernel. To use target disk mode, reboot your mac and hold down the t key as soon as you see the apple logo. I have also tried this method and it is i think the smartest. Install preparation in os x resize os x partition with disk utility. When i use the coreimageminimal initramfs recipe, i boot up ok for the most part.

Apple macbook troubleshooting macbook air mid 2011 macbookair 4,2 in this section, i explain how to install qubes on a macbook air mid 2011 macbookair 4,2. Removing the initramfs load, reduced my fedora 17 boot time by some 4 seconds. Plug the usb, boot your mac holding alt stroke and choose efi boot at the right. For instance, the radeon options are specific to my hwsetup.

Installing encrypted arch linux on an apple macbook pro. Start up your mac in windows or macos with boot camp. Using the initial ram disk initrd the linux kernel. As many have been asking, here is a ready iso with ubuntu 18. Getting your system to boot with initrd and initramfs. At boot time, the kernel unpacks that archive into ram disk, mounts and uses it as initial root file system. Oct 27, 2017 macbook 2017 12 ssd512 multi boot refind kalilinux 2017. You should start seeing the refit or refind boot menu after the second reboot. Enables or disables a graphical boot mode, as described in table 2. You can hold down the c key on your keyboard to instantly boot to a mac os. This is about documenting getting linux running on the late 2016 and mid 2017 mpbs. Notice that there is no mention of which initramfs file to use, this is handled by refind automatically, but can be wonky if not separating kernel versions properly.

Recently, this basic initramfs image may be prepended with an uncompressed cpio archive holding the microcode data loaded very early in the boot process. Oct 10, 2016 if you are using the dvd version you will be able to choose whether to boot the system in windows mode or efi mode. Gentoo forums view topic solved installing on macbook. If the latter, and deepin is the sole os, then grub menu is hidden by default, but we can get it to reveal itself. Initramfs are loaded quite a bit sooner than initrds are. It doesnt really matter which version but its important to keep it installed to make the touchbar and some other stuff work. Preliminary work in os x how to boot from usb installing ubuntu partitioning manually. After the system has booted, you should then repair the underlying issue, for example by running updateinitramfs u. Its just that in the process of getting a distro of gnulinux up on my machine in a way that works for me, i had to deviate a bit. Boot os x, if you dont have it installed, you can use the install dvd select language, then click utilitiesterminal or another macbook with os x connect the two computers via firewire or thunderbolt, start the other macbook while holding the t button, boot your macbook while holding the options button alt. Modify your kernel boot parameter by setting the rootdevsdax option. Select the advanced options for ubuntu menu option by pressing your arrow keys and then press enter. Start up to startup manager, which allows you to choose other available startup disks or volumes. Feb 09, 2015 recently i wrote a guide on how to set up ubuntu on your macbook pro and it got great reception.

Options k version set the specific kernel version for whom the initramfs will be generated. Recently, linux mint 19 was released, almost three months after the release of ubuntu lts 18. I have made live cds that worked on pcs, but when i popped them in my macbook i got a message that said unable to find live boot medium or something like that. Unable to boot into osx after trying to dual boot with. I am trying to boot from a uimage containing an initramfs with the mitysom5csx devkit. If the former, then a grub menu is presented to you at startup where you can choose either deepin or mac. I do not want to virtualize, i would much rather be able to double boot. I restart my computer and hold option, click on the efi, and it boots from the usb drive. I havent yet found a way to tell the initramfs to boot a different device than what proccmdline says. When i use the coreimageminimalinitramfs recipe, i boot up ok for the most part. Just after boot it uses initramfs to load must needed filesystems module, as if it can read the real filesystem. This page contains tips on installing arch linux on a mid 2010 macbook pro. In windows on your mac, click in the right side of the taskbar, click the boot camp icon, then choose boot camp control panel.

In order to perform some future steps required to install and boot. Pass arbitrary options to your boot loader with this line, as described in table 2. Keep holding until you see a white firewire or thunderbolt logo appear on the screen depending on your macs hardware capabilities. As suggested in this thread, i selected the nofb option in the boot menu, hit tab and added the following boot options noapic nolapic acpiforce rebootpci irqpoll and hit enter. Since you are on a macbook, do i take it you are also running macos. For most distributions, kernel modules are the biggest reason to have an initramfs.

If a user account control dialog appears, click yes. Ryan curtin getting your system to boot with initrd and initramfs p. Uboot with large uimage containing initramfs mitysom. Rootdelay, rootflags, rootfstype, ip corresponds to the rootdelay, rootflags, rootfstype or ip boot option.

I heard that refind could be a great tool for mac to boot other system beside macos. If you see a menu with a list of operating systems appear, youve accessed the grub boot loader. Hi, has anyone been able to successfully boot from a linux live cd on an intel mbpro. The boot process takes significantly longer if an initramfs is used. While at initramfs console, i passed a command exit to come out of the shell. This macbook has a few components that will make things a bit more complicated than usual, that is the touchbar and the amd dedicated gpu. Fix cannot boot after installing linux mint in uefi mode.

How to fix fsck a root file system that you have to boot. But attempting to boot ubuntu after install is a great pain. The default entry is selected by a configured pattern glob or an onscreen menu to be navigated via arrowkeys. Answer to third initramfs doesnt create any directory, it just load existing initramfs. Using the initial ram disk initrd written 1996,2000 by werner almesberger and hans lermen initrd provides the capability to load a ram disk by the boot loader. Oct 09, 2017 after this stage you should have a usb containing a live image that you can boot into from your macbook. All finding of the root device happens in this early userspace. The luks partition will be unlocked by a keyfile at boot. If there are multiple options, keep trying until you get one that boots. The keyfile will be stored on the usb key together with the gentoo kernel, and will itself be gpgencrypted, so that both the file and its passphrase will be needed to access the gentoo data on the hard drive. It continues to simplify the installation process, and seems quite stable so far.

Since i want to install ubuntu on my macbook air early 2015, i have tried using flash drive as an installation disk to install ubuntu. In order to make the partition appear in the apple boot picker menu. Because boot size is very small, 90m size we want to delete the previous kernel from boot include all the other files that related to this kernel. Debianbased machines and the initramfs prompt brain goo. After this stage you should have a partition that your macbook recognizes as a partition containing macos that it can boot into. Macbook pro,3 2016 with touchbar no t2 chip usb stick of at least 8gb. By the way, you can use the initrd utility to view the contents of your initramfs. How to use os x boot options to troubleshoot your mac 1. Shut down the mac, and boot it up twice requirement for refit. How to use os x boot options to troubleshoot your mac. Boot with optionalt key to bring up macs startup disk menu.

Otherwise reboot into the boot menu again and select the correct item there, not the legacymode. Kubuntu is a derivative of ubuntu that uses the kde desktop environment instead of gnome. If you want to start up using the default operating system now, click restart. Arch linux running on my macbook phil pluckthun medium. Press the keys immediately after hearing the startup sound, unless otherwise specified. After having a proper basic kernel running with the help of an initramfs, i really recommend you to go a step further and build a true kernel with all features included without an initramfs. This post summarizes how i install and dualboot arch gnulinux with. My initial arch installs are quite slim and im happy with that. To boot your intelbased mac into any of the macos builtin startup modes, you must press and hold one or more keys detailed below after turning on the computer. Recently i wrote a guide on how to set up ubuntu on your macbook pro and it got great reception. This might also help anyone trying to install linux on any macbook without t2. Jul, 2018 linux mint is a popular linux distro and is based on ubuntu lts distribution. The same console was presented before me but this time with the. My intention in writing this is not to add more noise to this cacophony of advice or to reinvent the wheel.

Now, plug the ubuntu usb stick into the mac and boot the mac. I havent actually run an upgrade this month but my boot sure died anyway. The kernel will be configured to selfboot under uefi. Simple answer is remove your hard disk attach in onother system and start the system please dont boot from your. After locating the initrd image and linux kernel to be loaded i issue the boot command and get further dropped down to the initramfs prompt. You can also change what your mac does by holding down the following keys or key combinations during startup. Print these boot option keys, because theyre particularly helpful to have. Use the arrow keys to select the ubuntu recovery mode option in the submenu and press enter.

You will then see the bootloader screen with some options. I click install ubuntu, and i get the purple loading screen with. Now im trying to get the executable hello in projectshellogoodbye to run on boot. If you dont see a menu with a list of boot options appear, the grub boot loader may have been overwritten, preventing ubuntu from booting. Select the new option in the menu which should be the usb stick. The install described in this tutorial attempts to follow the stock process from the gentoo handbook where possible, but differs in a number of important respects. At a first glance, it is only slightly different than a traditional initrd. I just downloaded the shiny new livedvdamd64multilib2012. Advanced boot scripts like cryptsetup or live initramfs need to play tricks.

The basic initramfs is the root filesystem image used for booting the kernel provided as a compressed cpio archive. Installing arch linux on a macbook pro michael chladek, phd. After a reboot, the boot process drops to the busybox shell and i end up at the prompt. Linux on macbook pro late 2016 and mid 2017 with touchbar. Oct 29, 2017 macbook 2019 12 ssd512 multi boot refind kalilinux 2019 catalina trackpad keyboard macbook 2019 12 ssd512 i5u 8gb usbc multi boot kali linux 2019 inside not virtual kernel 4. This ram disk can then be mounted as the root file system and programs can be run from it. This can also be handy when wanting to boot with debugging options. Uboot with large uimage containing initramfs mitysom5csx. This not only lets you easily access data on a macs hard drive, but it also lets you use one mac s hardware to boot another mac s operating system and data. However, relying only on a kernel to boot a system can be quite time consuming, so we have provided several initramfs options for funtoo. Upon booting the next time, you will see that your initramfs tries to mount the partition before trying to access etcfstab and mounting the file systems. So do people love to break free from apples restrictions, do they love the open source trend, or. The result was a mac mini that would boot ubuntu trusty in pure efi mode, with no refind and.

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