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Definitely a gateway into oriental weapons and culture, along with japanese and chinese mythology. Oriental adventures 1st edition oriental adventures is something of an anachronism now, especially since the word oriental is sort of taboo these days. Normally, a wu jens power is drawn from the five elements earth, fire, metal, water, and wood, and they can choose to master a single element which affords them additional powers. The classes are presented in a confusing way, and some of the mechanics are fiddly, so i thought id streamline it a bit. Greyhawk adventures takes over where the world of greyhawk campaign set left off, describing in depth many additional features of the greyhawk campaign. Conversions are from the oriental adventures 1985 source book by gary gygax. All books are in clear copy here, and all files are secure so dont worry about it. Everything you need for 1st edition dungeons and dragons. On this site you will find several adventures based on a pseudochinese oriental adventures setting, maps with an oriental theme, as well as campaign information for the shattered.

These pdf files allow you to adventure in the world of the shattered empire, a fantasy world based loosely on the period of the three kingdoms liberally mixed with hong kong martial arts movies, wuxia elements, and dark fantasy moorcock, lovecraft. It can be played separately or as part of the larger series. In francois marcelafroidevals original design, oriental adventures was supposed to be set in the world of greyhawk. This site is like a library, you could find million book here by using search box in the header. For some reason, i couldnt find any of the solo adventures to catch newguy up to everyone else ingame. An unofficial 3rd edition oriental adventures dd web site. Common knowledge series advanced dungeons and dragons 1st edition. His asianinfluenced lands were going to lie past the west coast of oerik. Wizards of the coast did not release a new edition of oriental adventures for 4th edition. Wu jen are the arcane spellcasters in my wuxia campaign. Also, a wu jen has the ability to manipulate their spells to change range, duration, effect.

And it was a damn detailed glimpse, especially to this authors 10yearold self. Dragonlance adventures advanced dungeons and dragons by tracy hickman. Wgworld of greyhawk was a series of standalone adventures set in greyhawk for 1st edition except as noted. This project is a bit different from my other pdf gaming books.

For the pdflayer challenged, i have now added nonlayered permutations of the sheets without a background. Fortress of shadows adventures feng shui adventures feudal japan adventures. Apr 30, 2015 wu jen are the arcane spellcasters in my wuxia campaign. No more searching through stacks of books and magazines to find out what you need to know. Wg3 was to be lost caverns of tsojcanth s4, a loosely tied prequel to wg4. Oriental adventurers pdf advanced dungeons and dragons. Oriental adventures character sheet pdf, march 2002. Oriental adventures 3rd edition forgotten realms wiki. As long as you have dice which they sell sets at any hobby store, something to read pdfs, paper, and a place to sit you got a game. Oriental adventures is a term on tg that can refer to either of two things. What follows tracks oa in large part, but not 100%. Over 25 new prestige classes, including the ninja, the tattooed monk, and the yakuza.

Coming at a time of strife between dds creator, gary gygax, and tsr, the. Scribd is the worlds largest social reading and publishing site. Oriental adventures was a huge hit for dungeons and dragons back in the day. It is part of the oriental adventures campaign setting and set in karatur. Advanced dungeons and dragons 2nd edition by skip williams. Look online for a book called oriental adventures and. Eric holmes, was a muchexpanded rewrite of the original rules, released in three hardcover books, now generally known as 1st edition. For 3rd edition and beyond new publisher wizards of the coast uses the term adventure.

Apr 03, 2020 read 1st edition oriental adventures in pdf form. This information is mixed in with a great deal of my own original writing expanding on this original. Despite that, the 1e oriental adventures sourcebook kept being referenced for years after the release of 2e showing that edition lines werent as hard and fast then as they are now. Second, oriental adventures included an honor system, in which honor points were lost when a. Oriental adventures covers the classes of adventurers, weapons, armor, spells, magic, and even the special monsters that make the legend and myth of the far east so rich and varied. The rulebook for add game adventures in the mystical world of the orient official advanced dungeons dragons gary gygax, david. From the beginning, oriental cultures have had a place within the spelljammer campaign setting. Pdf file return to the tomb of 5 corners the official introductory adventure for exalted 2nd edition. Oriental adventures abbreviated oa is the title shared by two hardback rulebooks published. Common knowledge series advanced dungeons and dragons 2nd edition.

Follow these steps to create a beginning, 1stlevel character for. The button bar to the left will allow you to access the various download areas. For most players, it was their first glimpse into the history and traditions of oriental cultures outside of the crude caricatures of martial arts and ninjas popping up in 80s entertainment. As you develop your oriental adventures campaign, it is recommended that you remove the monk character class from the europeantype campaigns. Spelljammer alqadim oriental adventures birthright mystara lankhmar. Dragonlance adventures advanced dungeons and dragons. All of it is free and pure fan material no illegal stuff here. This is meant as a reference for other oriental adventure settings on the dms guild saves you converting classes, races, monsters, spells etc. If a group of experienced players wants to roll up leveled characters for an adventure, sure, i can referee the game.

Advanced dungeons and dragons 1st edition series librarything. They are like wizards, but there are subtle differences. If you need oriental adventures information, youll find it here. I believe this was the first version i did in pagemaker. Oriental adventures 1e dungeon masters and players. Marcelafroikeval, francois and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. Oriental adventures pdf version rpg item version rpggeek. Wg1 was earmarked for the village of hommlet t1, and wg2 was earmarked for the temple of elemental evil t14. Add 1st edition oriental adventures character sheet 2. Fiend folio, deities and demigods, the manual of the planes, oriental adventures, unearthed arcana, survival guides, etc. Because what is found herein is superior and in the proper surroundings as well.

In my ongoing house campaign, everybody starts at 1st level. Jun 19, 2008 oriental adventures 1st edition oriental adventures is something of an anachronism now, especially since the word oriental is sort of taboo these days. The players handbook puts it all at your fingertips, including. Oriental adventures collectors guide morrus unofficial tabletop. You are allowed to use all of it, put it on your website if you mention this site closeby, and print it. For beginners or experts, players or dms, this book holds all the information on oriental character classes, races, spells, magical items, weapons, fighting styles, and monsters. Oriental adventures was never a run away sales success. The mysterious and exotic orient, land of spices and warlords, has at last opened her gates to the west. Every character was expected to possess proficiencies in noncombat arts with skills such as calligraphy, etiquette, or animal handling, a mechanism that was explored in more detail in the 2nd edition of the general. This is a conversion of the original oe 1st edition rulebook including the newer content from the 3rd edition book. We look back at, plus wonder if theres a future oriental adventures 5e. Wu jen none none bo stick, bokutoh, yes dms at 1st level, the. Oriental adventures introduces the infinite worlds of. At least when i made this one in 1991 i had somewhat regular access to laser printers.

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